Divorce, A Four Letter Word Peter L. Grieco Jr.

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Divorce, A Four Letter Word  by  Peter L. Grieco Jr.

Divorce, A Four Letter Word by Peter L. Grieco Jr.
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Divorce is an emotional whirlwind. If your feelings of loss and anger were all that you had to deal with, that would be enough. But, they are not. During a divorce, you are also asked to confront some financial and custodial issues which can affect you for the rest of your life. You are probably going to need lawyers, accountants and therapists to help you sort out the mess. It s a situation fraught with tension and anguish in which you can easily feel out of control. But divorce doesnt have to be as bad as you have been led to believe. There are ways to predict and prepare.We know.

Weve been there and that is why we have written this book. There was nothing out there that covered all the facets of divorce and, most importantly, nothing that provided a method for managing the divorce process.

We have worked hard to fill this gap in the literature.It would be easy to blame the lawyers for the turmoil of divorce, but even they are subject to the cumbersome and arcane laws and regulations surrounding the process of divorce. And, as in any profession, there are good lawyers and bad lawyers.

One of the purposes of this book is to help you tind those professionals who can aid you. The key is to know what you want them to do. You find that out by gathering information.This book explains in simple terms what you can do to make the divorce process an easier and less expensive proposition. We do this by providing you with examples, checklists, case studies and guidelines. It has been our experience in the world of business that the difference between managing problems and being managedIn almost every divorce, the division of property and assets is the stage when emotions and four-letter words begin to fly about.

There is, however, an alternative to this financial and emotional wrangling if both parties are willing to manage the process of their divorce. That alternative is to negotiate in a win/win environment. Its not easy, but we show you how it is possible. Win/win negotiations are in the best interests of both parties. The sooner you can settle questions about the division of property and assets, the less money both of you will need to pay out.Remember, the money paid to divorce professionals (lawyers, accountants, mediators, appraisers, etc.) belonged to both spouses in the beginning.We hope that our guide will be helpful to you as you face financial, legal and emotional issues in your divorce.

Our book is written from the perspective of the people involved. What are your fears? How and when do you tell your spouse? Will I ever see my children? Who pays? And how much will a lawyer cost?

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