The Master Templar: The Knights Templar Series Robert M. Johnson

ISBN: 9781491066171

Published: July 22nd 2013


172 pages


The Master Templar: The Knights Templar Series  by  Robert M.  Johnson

The Master Templar: The Knights Templar Series by Robert M. Johnson
July 22nd 2013 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, ZIP | 172 pages | ISBN: 9781491066171 | 4.79 Mb

The viciousness of the Templar attack was a combination of force and surprise. The Turkish Army was busy pulling up tents and staking tents and corralling horses and setting up a water supply for their encampment. They literally had no idea what was happening when the first Templar Knights struck their camp.

As they looked up they saw a vision that would be burned into their minds as long as they lived. It was the vision of the great Warhorse, Armageddon, for the Turks the End of the World. It is early in the 12th century, half way between the Port of Jaffa (Today Tel Aviv) and the Holy City of Jerusalem. A band of Seljuk Turks led by Ab u Waleed a young sultan looking to make a name for himself are setting up camp, and planning to pillage a large band of pilgrims from Paris France.

It is the first year of the newly formed Knights of the Temple, the Templars. These Knights are dedicated to protecting pilgrims on their way to the Holy City. Two men lead the Templars, Hugh de Payans and Matthew of Gaza, both have the title of Master of the Temple.

Lord Matthew is known as the Hammer of God. The Saga of Matthew, the Hammer of God began during the Great Crusade, first told in the book, Jihad 1095 AD. Three subsequent novels chronicled his advancement toward what he saw as his destiny to become a Monk Warrior. Along with his friend, Hugh de Payans, Matthew is a co-founder of the famous Knights Templar. In this fifth book of the series, the Knights Templar have their first battle assignments. They have a chance to demonstrate their famous Crushing Wedge attack. The reader will share in the excitement.

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